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 Born in Bloomington-Normal, IL and raised in New Jersey, Andrew Snorton is a Wake Forest University alum now based in the Atlanta, GA area.  Professionally, his work with Creative Community Solutions covers education-based services, press/media advisement (including serving as the host of The Conversation Corner airing on the Status Network/LyveTV Channel), and writing/editing services.  Community-wise, he’s a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (currently with the Loganville-Conyers GA chapter), a board member of the LEAD Foundation (Lawrenceville, GA) which works with youth (including college tours, male-mentoring, and leadership development for middle and high school students), a board member of Family Food Festival Atlanta (a Father’s Day focused event which provides  support for multiple community organizations; via his engagement with his alma mater,  he’s previously served as the former president of the Association of Wake Forest University Black Alumni (2011-15), Alumni Council (2011-16), Greek Alumni Advisory Board (2017-present), Alumni-in-Admissions (since 2010), and a board member of the School of Divinity (2016-2022).


He’s the author of 2019 “top-1000” books (Author Academy Awards) Deeper than your deepest sleep:  thoughts on love with Joseph Snorton (a poetic take on the action of love via multiple lenses and perspectives) and 9 stories of faith:  volume 1 (a collection of interviews looking at how individuals work beyond their biggest daily challenges via their faith, best practices in health and wellness, support networks, and self-view), as well as The Author’s Mixtape audiobook series (including 4th volume, “The Collab”, introducing Kris10Media, along with her return appearance on the 5th volume, “forward thinking, believing, doing), an organic series of spoken word and music where all work is completed in a single recording session.  His first two books are available on Amazon and multiple bookstores, while the audiobook series is available on nearly 300 platforms, including Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, ITunes, Amazon, and others.

His July 2020 release, nothing Minor, provides an intimate look at the 2019 minor league baseball season.  Complete with player interviews (including at least 4 players who are currently on Major League Baseball rosters), photography (including contributions from EmoryRose Photography), and game coverage, there’s a special section on the Negro Southern Leagues Museum (which is timely as this year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Negro Leagues) and other features to get you in the game (the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers in hardcover and e-book).  His fourth book, quotes and notes:  something’s on the horizon, takes the author and readers in yet another direction.  A compilation of original quotes provides a reading experience all engaging, enlightening, along with providing a foundation and launch point for creative and innovative thinking, motivation, inspiration, and beyond.  Combined with areas for readers to record their thoughts, it puts the process in place to constructively “feed your mind” and position yourself for more thoughtful ideas and action in alignment with one’s professional, community, and personal goals and aspirations.

As the host of The Conversation Corner with Author Andrew Snorton (airing every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7pm via the Status Network/LyveTV channel), he covers entertainment, business, community, and more (including government officials, fellow authors, and others).  Likewise, as the co-host of @allaboutheauthors520, he and fellow author Tyressa Ty provide an authors’ roundtable series (typically featuring 2 authors) to discuss their books and related projects (every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 3pm EST).

With multiple book signings, speaking engagements, and festivals, he’s a growing presence in the literary field and beyond.  He’s appeared or spoken at the Mississippi Book Festival (2017-19, 2022), East of the River Book Festival in Washington, DC (2018), Detroit Book City Festivals (2018-20), Bluffton Book Festival (2018), and other venues across the Midwest and Southeast, including his alma mater (Wake Forest University); he’s served as a panelist for the Black Podcast Festival (Atlanta in May 2022), hosted a benefit signing at the Negro Southern League Museum in Birmingham, AL (July 2022), and served a featured author for the Juneteenth Festival in Bloomington, IL (Miller Park in June 2022) among other events (including the Juneteenth Festival in Lincoln, IL [June 2022] and the Cultural Fest in Bloomington, IL [July 2022]). With recent appearances at the DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center’s Drum Talk Annual Book and Literacy Fair (Chicago, IL on October 8th), Styletainment’s 10th anniversary gala and performance for support of breast cancer survivors (as a co-host in New Brunswick, NJ on October 22nd), and a collaboration with Fante’s Coffee with the launch of the Author Andrew Snorton Blend (medium roast coffee) in Louisville, KY on October 30th, he continues to establish and expand his literary presence.  Likewise, he is also on the media list for multiple US (Georgia) members of Congress, college and professional sports teams, and other outlets.

He currently resides in the Metro-Atlanta area.

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