Coffee houses have played an important role in history. Many ideas have been thought of, developed, refined, and executed at a corner coffee shop. I have set out to create a true European coffee house, one where people come together to share ideas, talk with one another, do business, build relationships and help society as a whole progress. Big things happen at the coffee house. 

Come experience the difference.

A Real "Coffeehouse"

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Gold Cup Standard

The Golden Cup Standard provides specific guidelines to define quality standards in coffee brewing. In the simplest form, it establishes tried and tested brewing parameters to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Defined by the Specialty Coffee Association, the standard is backed by extensive research going back over 50 years and followed by the finest coffee companies in the industry.

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Fante's Coffee House

2501 Grinstead Dr.
Louisville, Kentucky

Mon - Fri, 7am - 8pm
Saturday, 8am - 8pm
Sunday, 8am - 8pm

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